Welcome your new Neighbour! Torquay Links Property knows Torquay, Jan Juc... and Real Estate!

Hello neighbour Torquay Links Property Australia jan juc real estate sales rentals

If you haven’t heard the word on the street, then you must have been hiding under a rock, because we haven’t been shy about letting you all know…

Links property is teeing off out of The Sands, Torquay and expanding into Torquay and Jan Juc.

 And, we’ve been telling anyone who will listen…


Hello neighbour, Torquay Links property Australia real estate sales rentals jan juc

We love our local area so much, that we thought it foolish to confine ourselves to one pocket of Torquay. We’ve been telling people that (a lot) too!

Hello Neighbour, Torquay Links Property  real estate sales rental Australia Jan juc

So look out for us, as we move into your neighbourhood!

Why the big move into Torquay and Jan Juc, I hear you ask?

As many of you would appreciate, Torquay has seen a substantial amount of change in the 15 years we’ve been selling Property here. We remember the days when the only petrol bowser was situated across the road from the current Caltex, and it would run out of petrol. Yes, run out!

We know Torquay & Jan Juc as a place to live, in as much detail as we know and understand the local real estate market.

With over $90m in real estate sales, we have built a reputation we’re very proud of. If asked to describe our approach, I would say we are a fresh, approachable and driven female team… coupled with the cold hard fact that we are exceptionally knowledgeable of the local area – because we live here!

Being an all-female team is quite unique for the area. I would like to think it makes us even more dedicated to helping clients achieve their property goals – perhaps it’s because we’re good listeners? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

We know the reasons people work with Links will be varied. It might be:

  • helping you find a quality investment property,
  • Selling your cherished a family home,
  • buying your first apartment, or
  • leasing ready for your next move,

Regardless of your goal, we’re here to hold your hand through the process; provide guidance, advice or even an ear over a good cup of coffee (we never say no to a cup of coffee!).

Oh, and did we mention that this is the new ‘hub’ for the latest info on all things Torquay and Jan Juc, and surrounding regions… with some Real Estate updates thrown in as well. To stay in the loop, make sure you like our Facebook Page or follow us on twitter

So, the big message I want you to take away from all this is…

Links property will continue linking people with property… we are just going to start doing it in Torquay, Jan Juc and The Sands.

On the subject of coffee again, feel free to call us up for a chat (and a coffee) if you would like to talk about your future real estate move.

Until next time,

Your Neighbour.










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Welcome your new Neighbour! Torquay Links Property knows Torquay, Jan Juc... and Real Estate!