Links Property puts the E in Real Estate... we are very social in more ways than one!

If you didn’t see our recent article in The Surf Coast Times… then you can read it below.  The Headline read “E-real estate gurus set to break free”. What might have been a surprise to you was how committed we are as a business to market Links Property and our house listings where people are spending their time… and if that means following them onto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or writing blogs like this one – then we’ll do it!

Also, if you weren’t aware we now reach beyond The Sands Torquay into Jan Juc and broader Torquay – then consider yourselves in the know!

We invite you to come and follow us across our suite of social media platforms….


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We’re not just about promoting our house listings and updates on the real estate market, we like to think of ourselves as experts on our area – so you’ll see updates on things going on in the region, new shops, businesses or cafes opening, and some fun things like our weekly ‘GUESS WHERE’ when a picture of something in Torquay or Jan Juc is posted and we ask you to guess where it is.

We’ve noticed people’s preferences for searching and finding information (including real estate) is rapidly changing, and we know that if we don’t monitor the changes, and ensure we are changing too, then our properties will miss out on the eyeballs – it’s that simple!

We are committed to ensuring our properties will gain exposure on all the most popular social media platforms, and we do this because the buyers could be using all or only one of them – and we don’t want to miss them. Why are we so fanatical about social media? Take a look at these statistics…

Did you know?

We’ve done our research, and worked out which platforms Australians use:

And we even make sure we are targeting the right platform for the demographic we are after…

Social media usage by age

Next time you are looking to sell your home, and meeting with agents, we suggest you ask them these three simple questions:

  1. Do they have a Facebook page to market their agency and listings, and post open for inspection times? If they say yes, go and take a look at when the last update was made?
  2. Do they use Twitter or Instagram to post the latest updates, listings and open for inspection times?
  3. Are all their sales people listed on LinkedIn to tap into the professional networking opportunities, and to connect with potential buyers (especially investors)?

Based on the statistics above, their answers might make you realise that they are missing a huge marketing opportunity for your property!

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Until next time,

Your Neighbour!

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Links Property puts the E in Real Estate... we are very social in more ways than one!