S & R Boutique, your one stop shop for redecorating, decorating or to spruce-up your home for sale...

If it’s a new artwork you’re needing for that big empty wall in your home or storage options to keep things tidy during open for inspections… you’re going to need to stop in at S & R Gifts and Homewares in Gilbert Street, Torquay (and also in Barwon Heads).

It’s prime real estate selling and buying time in Spring, and we’ve been busy selling two homes on the weekend, and plenty more stock hitting the market this week.

With all these properties changing hands it means it’s also prime interior decorating time.

You might be wanting to give your decor a little bit of a facelift for your open for inspections, or you’ve just moved into a new home and need to fill some gaps on the wall, and bring some life to a few rooms. Or if you’re like me, every so often it’s time to change the cushions, artwork, throw rug… just because!

Painting Painting and Cushions

S & R always have a great range of artwork, from large colourful canvases (above), to smaller framed prints and artworks (below). They stock a large selection of local Surf Coast artists too. The artists change from time to time and can include Rachel Kennedy Designs, Camilla Connoley, Myne studio, Helen Treuel, Clare O’Donoghue and Laura Pelchen to name just a few.

Paintings baskets and books

Cards and prints


Keeping the house smelling great is always a challenge (especially after cooking up a storm in the kitchen). If you’ve got an open for inspection, or friends coming to visit… simply lighting a candle in the home can change everything. I keep fragrance sticks in my guest bathroom at all times (and in the kiddy area of the house – they mean well, but aren’t the best at keeping things smelling great!).

I always have fragrance sticks and a candle on the go in my home at all times. You’ll find Ecoya and Grace and James to choose from at S & R.


Candles Ecoya Grace and James Candles


If it’s glasses, bowls, ornaments, feature pieces you’re needing for your home, there is so much to choose from.



Clock Books and painting

The perfect addition to a coffee table or desk is a selection of interesting books. There are some great options to choose from at S & R.

Coffee Table books

What I love about S & R is that you will turn to a different display in the shop and the colour scheme will be completing different, and the options so varied. There’s always plenty to explore…

Jugs cups and cushions

I’ve acquired some beautiful items to use in my kids room too – paper garlands, strands of coloured animals. You little ones will love them.

Kids paper garland

Cushions, bowls, throw rugs… it’s all here…

Shell necklace

Storage! We never have enough room. If you are trying to keep clothes, toys, books (anything that makes a mess) neat and tidy, then large storage baskets can be a great option, while looking awesome at the same time!

Storage baskets

So pop in a see the lovely ladies at S & R, they will be only too happy to help you out with your home ware hunt (and send you out in a new season outfit as well!).

Until next time,

Your Neighbour!

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S & R Boutique, your one stop shop for redecorating, decorating or to spruce-up your home for sale...