The winners of the 2015 Surf Coast Salute are...

The Surf Coast Salute has come to a close for another year…

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Firstly, Happy Australia Day. We’re a little one-eyed and believe our Surf Coast is the best place to live, in Australia. That aside, we really do live in the lucky country, and we should all be grateful for that.

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The first Surf Coast Salute was held in 2014. It was such a success, with the randomly selected winner announced on Australia Day, we thought we would hold it again this year.

Community members have been nominating others from the Surf Coast over the last two weeks, and here are the nominations which are all deserving of your recognition:

Nominated by Lisa Corker:
I would like to nominate Vanessa Rogasch Lewanski. Apart from just being a lovely person, she put in a lot of effort to organise a Christmas party for our very long street in the Sands. We all don’t really know each other very well if at all so going to all that effort for a bunch of mostly strangers is just a lovely thing to do. I feel a really growing community atmosphere in our area and it’s because of people like Vanessa doing gorgeous and time consuming things like Christmas parties that make it happen. So it’s not really even about just a Christmas party – it’s the ongoing vibe of the thing. Thanks Vanessa!

Nominated by Julie Spriggs:
I nominate Megan Mifsud, from Torquay. She gives unending hours to the betterment of the Torquay Junior and Senior Netball Club, and has done so for many years, as a coach, as a committee member and more importantly as a mentor to many young girls. Always friendly and approachable, but quietly goes about doing any task she can think of – from cleaning toilets, making sure the courts are ready for play through to fundraising and writing cheques!

Nominated by Amber Potter:
I would like to nominate a husband & wife team. Nicole Nelson & Paul Nelson together they’re always giving back to the community. Since I have know Nic she has been on committee at Torquay College, Torquay Kindergarten, Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club & currently a committee member for the Torquay Junior FC. She always helps out, whilst juggling 3 kids and a full time local business. Paul is currently the coach of under 11’s cricket at Jan Juc and volunteers for the Torquay SLSC.I love how she is alwayshappy to help even when life is crazy crazy . Thanks guys I have no doubt the community appreciate all you do x

Nominated by Emma Jackman:
I nominate my beautiful mother Heather Jackman. Not only is she an amazing Nanna to her 6 (nearly 7!) grandchildren, but she tirelessly commits her time, energy and love to wonderful community groups such as “Coffee & Kids”. Heather was part of the initial organising group who wanted to create a warm and welcoming playgroup for Surfcoast mums and young children to relax and play. She has been an inspiration and a support to many mums and families who come to our wonderful town without the family support that some (like my sister and myself) are lucky to have. Thanks Heather!

Nominated by Tracie Dickson:
Tania Nemeth is one of those friends that you keep for a life time. She has been someone who has always helped with our kids and supported us (we have no family here) while I was recovering from cancer. She is always available to lend a hand to anyone in Torquay who needs help. She truly is a special friend to many people in Torquay not just myself. Oh and she is always available for a great laugh.

Nominated by Janice Cain:
Katrina White, Katrina lives in Torquay and has done so much for this town she started Darf and Bell st fiesta, she is also a member of Bizz 3228, which is a group of small business people who get together to help each other , Katrina supports all local businesses and loves where she lives, I have never met such a wonderful young lady who gets in and has a go, I must say Katrina gets very little help from are shire with the Bells Fiesta, which grows bigger each year. Torquay is very lucky to have her.

Nominated Sarah Holmes:
Natural instinct of ours, when we see someone with Dementia behave in an unusual way, is to look away, to avoid contact for fear of drawing attention to the person. I would like to recognise the approach, the love, the care, the genuinely beautiful soul of a shop assistant in Torquay at Wallflower. This beautiful lady has observed me bring my mum, suffering from Alzhiemers Disease at 53 into her store and watched me try to negotiate the change room. This beautiful lady first observed me assist mum with dressing and undressing, assist mum make appropriate clothes selections and keep her calm and positive in her store.
Upon our next and many subsequent visits, this beautiful lady has welcomed mum with a huge smile, approaching mum with a clothes selection that she had made just for her. This beautiful lady doesn’t look twice when mum wanders into the wrong change room or talks without making senses, she smiles, she engages mum and most of all she gives mum a sense of pride and dignity. She asks mum questions and doesn’t flinch when a nonsensical reply come.
She smiles at me with so much compassion, I feel comfortable and welcome. I have not experienced such genuine warmth and care anywhere else in our 5 year Alzhiemers Journey. This lady has made a difference in a small part of our life by being so beautifully natured, so kind, so caring, so loving.
I wish that I knew her name, but I hope that someone can help, she is a beautiful blond haired lady at Wallflower Torquay. Thank you.

Links Property think it’s the perfect way to recognised those within our close-knit community that do good deeds for others, volunteer their time, build the community spirit, but rarely get recognised for their generosity, goodwill and kindness. These people and their continued acts seem to always go under the radar.

It’s the little things we want people to know about because these actions shape the Surf Coast community. We want to encourage them to continue, because they put a smile on people’s faces.

Whilst the people nominated don’t do things for a prize or recognition, Links Property have rounded up some gifts from our supportive local businesses Pepper The Sands Resort Torquay and Salt Air Spa in Torquay, that were randomly drawn from all the nominations to provide some community members with a reward for their good deeds.

We don’t think it’s right to judge a good deed, in our eyes everyone nominated is a winner – that’s why the gifts were drawn randomly.

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A. One night stay for two people at Peppers The Sands Resort Torquay in a studio room has been awarded to Nicole & Paul Nelson.

Peppers The Snads Resort Torquay hotel accommodation Surf Coast Salute Links Property Real Estate


B. A voucher to enjoy a treatment or massage at Salt Air Spa, Torquay – valued at $50 has been awarded to Megan Mifsud.

Spa massage Torquay Surf Coast facial relax unwind beauty therapy



For the two people who nominated the winners Amber Potter and Julie Spriggs, they will be provided the following:

A. A Joco glass travel coffee & tea cup

joco-coffee-cup-mint glass reusable    joco-coffee-cup-white glass reusable


We are thrilled to be able to recognise all these generous Surf Coast Community members, not only with gifts, but to highlight all the nominee’s and their contributions to our broader community. It seems these people are the real gift givers, to our community as a whole.

Until next time,

Your Neighbour

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The winners of the 2015 Surf Coast Salute are...