Winners: 2014 Christmas Light Competition

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I know you’ve all been waiting to see who the winners are from the Surf Coast Christmas lights competition. I know this because I’ve been contacted by some of the houses nominated to find out the results. Clearly the suspense has been killing them!

The Links Property team were so thrilled with the number of nominations, and the votes submitted over the Christmas period.

Impressed is an understatement. These houses know how to decorate, and really bring a happy Christmas spirit to our Community – thank you to all the houses nominated, and all the others around the Surf Coast who went to the huge effort to hang all those lights. Keep it up year, after year!

Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner, we’ve been trying to find a time to get the winners together at Growlers for a photo.


The clear winners of the 2014 Christmas Lights competition with 55% of the votes is:


9 Onshore Drive

Christmas Lights, Torquay surf coast xmas links property real estate competition

Here are the lucky winner Nancy and Graeme receiving their $250 Growlers voucher from our Links Property Team.

Winner Christmas Lights Surf coast torquay 9 onshore Drive xmas 2014


Runners Up (In no particular order):

Each of these homes will receive a Joco reusable glass coffee cup.
joco-coffee-cup-mint glass reusable




11 Wave Cresent

Christmas lights torquay surf coast competition links property real estate xmas

27 Nautical Rise

27 Nautical Rise Torquay christmas lights competition Torquay surf coast links property real estate

20 Wave Cresent

20 wave Cresent Christmas lights competition Torquay surf coast links property real estate

91 St Georges Way

91 St georges way christmas lights competition torquey jan juc real estate links property

3 Druids Glen

3 druids glen Christmas Lights Competition xmas links property Torquay jan juc surf coast real estate

As for those that nominated each of the homes, the following people will receive a Project Ten tote bag…
Project Ten Yellow medium tote white stripe diagonal bag Beach swimming summer black

Erika Mather

Tom Father

David LaPorte

Megan Love

Jeanette Hanlon

Liz Lane

Ali & Steve Roberts

Mark and Mel Supple

Allison Bromley

Thanks for helping us build our list of houses to be able to run the competition.What an inspiring and fun-loving community we have – we love where we live!

Until next time,

Your Neighbour

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Winners: 2014 Christmas Light Competition