Rouse a home buyer with smell!

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When preparing your home for the next open inspection, consider how the property is experienced by smell, both pleasing and off-putting.

Smell has a definite influence over the emotions we feel and is the sense most closely linked to memory. How we feel effects the way we respond to places we have visited and the memories of that visit. Smell can also influence time. The most pleasing fragrances have been shown to create “dwell-time”, increasing the possibility of visitors to linger for longer periods in a location.

At your inspection, keep any chosen scent simple and uncomplicated. “Nothing beats fresh, clean air.” says Lynne Hayden, “Open the doors during the warmer months and let the outside in. In the cooler months, warmth and a subtle, delightful smell will entice your buyer.” Select a smell to suit the atmosphere you are seeking to reflect in your home. Citrus scents are energizing and uplifting. Calming and rejuvenating scents include lavender, pine and sage. Keep the level of smell inoffensive by using candles, sprays and oils. “I like to say to my vendors, when setting the mood, stir up the senses of your buyer.” says Suzy Jones, “Firstly neutralise any distinctive odd smells, remove pets and pet bedding, use clean linens and empty bins. Remove anything that will evoke a negative inspection.” The LINKS sales team also recommend that you test your chosen scents before your open house and use products with all-natural ingredients. Artificial smells are a repellent.

Natural Supply Company (Geelong) stocks the best natural and organic products to care for the family and home. “We’re so excited by all of the fabulous, natural products available for your home today.” says Celeste Robertson (Director), “There’s no longer the need to use abrasive chemicals when ethical Australian companies are leading the way and producing beautiful, natural, effective products to safely clean, fragrance and illuminate your home.” The dedicated ‘HOME’ section of Natural Supply Co’s online store showcases a fantastic selection of aromatic products. We invited them to share their top picks to prepare your perfectly scented home for inspection.

LINKS property blog Natural Supply Co Murchison Hume products and LOVE Ludie Candle

Murchison-Hume – To clean benches and cook tops, Murchison-Hume create affordable cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom which are available in two scents: Original Fig, and Australian White Grapefruit. These natural cleaning products (apart from offering a thorough clean) leave a lovely, fresh scent in the space you’ve used them. Counter sprays are available, along with stainless steel cleaners to get those cook tops sparkling!

Love Ludie Salted Caramel Candle – The smell of freshly baked goods has been known to improve the sensory perception of a property. Skip the effort of baking, and light the gorgeous Love Ludie Salted Caramel Candle for 30 minutes before your open for inspection instead. Love Ludie candles are handmade in Torquay!

Bondi Wash – If you have pets, spray any of the essential oil-based Bondi Wash Room Mists or the Bondi Wash Kennel Spray before you leave your home to help freshen the air.

Carefully consider the sensory impact your property will have during inspections. The right smell could rouse a buyer and sell your home.

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Rouse a home buyer with smell!