LINKS Property Marketing Prowess On SUNRISE Network 7

LINKS Property lynne hayden and suzy jones sunrise network 7

The LINKS Property sales team have shared their real estate marketing prowess on the 7 networks popular SUNRISE program. Hosted by the public personalities David Koch and Samantha Armytage, the local realtors were quizzed about their innovative approach to selling contemporary homes on the Victorian Surf Coast.

Recent media coverage in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper highlighted how LINKS have added personality into their marketing with a serve of reality in their campaign photography. The results have proven to be a great success. Typical real estate imagery has been livened up with a mix of people and pets, captured in real life scenarios, matched to the home for sale. The talent may be the vendor, a local face or someone spotted on the bustling streets or beaches of Torquay. Social media connections have also worked out to be a great source for spotting new talent.

The hype generated from this brilliant idea is making waves in the real estate world and beyond. “We are a little bit stunned by the excitement that our agency has sparked from a novel idea to create a point of difference in our marketing,” Lynne Hayden says. “We take great pride in the presentation of our homes for sale and standout photography presents a better visual campaign to potential buyers.” LINKS have achieved an editorial look and feel with each campaign. When scrolling through a listing, the right buyer would picture himself or herself living in that space. “We discovered that our buyers were making emotional connections with properties, thanks to the imagery, even before inspecting the home,” Suzy Jones says. “To be chatting about the success of our marketing initiative, live, on morning television is really quite fantastic. We have enjoyed our 15 minutes of fame and we are thrilled!”

View the LINKS Property segment on SUNSRISE when you click here.

LINKS Property, Lynne Hayden and Suzy Jones, SUNSRISE channel 7, Thursday Feb 11, 2016.

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LINKS Property Marketing Prowess On SUNRISE Network 7