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The all-female team at LINKS Property are celebrating their commendable achievements to date for 2017. This year marks the ten year anniversary for the innovative and dynamic agency that continues to break records on the Surf Coast. We asked Lynne Hayden and Suzy Jones a few questions about real estate life and their real estate journey.

Hello Lynne. It has been a whirlwind 10 years growing LINKS Property to where it is today. When it’s a passion we find it hard to call it work. The whirlwind with Suzy as my partner has been exciting, innovative and progressive. There is a book, 10,000 hours you become what you practice. We are now at the forefront of our industry being ranked number one agent online (realestate.com.au) in the last quarter for number of new properties listed, sold and referrals. The Surf Coast is booming!

What were some of the major struggles you have faced as an all-female agency and how did you overcome them successfully? As female agents I think we have probably flown under the radar. Our male counterparts were always quick to overlook us. Our agency results now speak for themselves. We all know “happy wife happy life.” We often connect first with the female buyer.

What do you learn from your failures and most memorable successes? Sticking to our belief … “do what you do and do it well”. We made a business decision in the early days to pitch ourselves as a boutique real estate agency. This is our point of difference. This gives us the control to make choices like capping our listings to offer better service to our vendors and buyers. Our memorable successes right now, in the current climate, are facilitating ‘private auctions’ with multiple bidders – often far exceeding the quoted price.

What do you love most as a sales agent and about the real estate industry? Could you imagine doing anything else? Everything. Its doesn’t feel like work more a passion for life and people. We love helping people make the sea change. After all, home is where the heart is.

Hello Suzy. How has LINKS stayed at the forefront of the industry in Torquay? For us, it was the choice to stay purely online and embrace social media. Gone are the days of people window shopping to buy real estate. People don’t walk the curb. They are online and shopping from comfort of their home – at times when it suits them. Our highest traffic online is between 8-9.30pm – our business model lends itself to respond and meet the buyers digital expectations.

Can you recall some of your favourite moments as an agent on the Surf Coast? Seeing my buyers months maybe years down the track from making the sea change to Torquay and never looking back – and the positive impact it has had on their life and family. Seamlessly, they have joined our community and made the Torquay lifestyle their way of life too.

What advice and words of encouragement would you share with a female sales agent just starting out in the business of selling real estate? Find your own groove and stick to it. Women bring a passion and certain style when it comes to selling real estate. Our buyers and vendors are always commenting on how refreshing women are in the industry which in turn builds trust when negotiating property deals.
What do you love most as a sales agent and about the real estate industry? Could you imagine doing anything else? Work life balance on the Surf Coast. I moved here for a healthier lifestyle and being in real estate has enabled me to practice what I preach.

Congratulations on 10 years !

Thanks Lynne & Suzy.

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