‘The Bottle of Milk’ arrives in Torquay…


The bottle of milk Torquay front

With the arrival of The Bottle of Milk to Torquay (Bell St Torquay, where Left of the Rocks used to be) we will have gourmet burgers (amongst other amazing menu items) and another great coffee establishment on our door step – a BIG yay to that!

No more driving to Geelong for a gourmet burger (yes, I did do that once! Sometimes you just have to drive to satisfy a burger craving). You can take a peek at their Lorne menu (the original location) to see what we are in for.

Earlier in the week we managed to sneak our way in as they were cleaning the place up for opening tonight. And were also welcomed to take some photos to let you see what it looks like.

I loved the natural wood and white tile finish, a clean and simple décor  – perfect for the coastal location.

The Bottle of Milk, Torquay Australia, cafe coffee

Many would say I am getting a little over excited about their outdoor courtyard.  But, how could anyone argue with me about how fitting this courtyard set-up will be in Torquay over summer?

The Bottle of Milk Torquay, cafe, Australia, courtyard The Bottle of Milk Torquay Australia, cafe, courtyard, coffee

Anyone testing out Torquay’s newest place to eat and drink please report back here for us hear your feedback first hand.

Until next time,

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