Seller Information

After gaining extensive real estate experience of some 12 years, Lynne decided to open her own real estate office. The business commenced in 2007 with an objective to provide the highest standard of professional, personalised and accountable real estate service for The Sands, Torquay.

Lynne Hayden takes enormous pride in offering a unique VIP service to each client. The company’s outstanding work in the industry has been acknowledged for their unrivalled success in marketing and selling property and their sophisticated property management services. Recognition has been received by several sales and property management awards from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria.

These awards are highly sought after by many agents in Victoria and judged on the agencies overall marketing strategies, free editorial content, budgeted advertising, descriptive text, quality photography and finally the price achieved. Our personal attention to every detail assures our clients of successful, award winning advertising.

The company offers a balance of skills lead by Lynne Hayden and her team. All staff at Torquay Links Property are highly trained and experienced and takes great pride in keeping fully informed of changing legislative amendments.

 Sensational Sales Results

Lynne Hayden are most pro active when engaged to market property listed for sale or auction. We have an unrivalled sales success rate in selling all properties listed with our agency. The sales team’s extensive experience, personal service, attention to detail and negotiation skills all contribute to the company’s achievements and great success for our clients.

 One On One Inspections

We maintain a large databank of qualified prospects keen to purchase a property, this is updated daily. We initially offer your property to our prospects at the arranged quote price and organise a personal one on one inspection. We always make ourselves available to assist each client.

 Auction Or Private Sale

We specialise in selling property by private sale. In this market we find this delivers the best result for our vendors, the property and their circumstances. There are pros and cons for both methods of sale. However, research has shown that more than 90% of buyers prefer to purchase by private sale.

 Where Do Purchasers Look to Purchase Property

Today with the advent of the internet in excess of 90% of prospective purchasers will search for a property to purchase via one of the following sites:


As a faster moving agency, our technology ensures your property is displayed on the internet literally the minute your photography has been completed. This technology ensures prospective purchasers the ability to view your property from anywhere in the world.


We are constantly developing new strategies for marketing incorporating innovative advertising with creative style therefore ensuring all properties marketed by Torquay Links Property stand “head and shoulders” above the rest. Our advertising is prepared by our most experienced staff ensuring each advertisement is correctly written to target the right marketplace.

We prepare a specialised marketing schedule within a set budget to suit each property. This incorporates all promotional content including the board, brochures, local paper, The Age newspaper and internet advertising. We have great expertise in maintaining advertising budgets to an absolute minimum cost to all vendors without jeopardizing the final sales result.

 Free Editorial Coverage

We generally receive one free editorial per property and have even obtained as many as seven free editorials for certain property. Upon listing your property for sale, we would forward several colour photographs and editorial text to the following newspapers requesting a free editorial feature.

  • Surf Coast Times
  • The Age
  • The Sunday Age
  • The Domain
  • Herald Sun
  • The Financial Review
  • Herald & Weekly New Home Magazine
  • The Weekend Australian


A well presented home says “welcome” and should reflect the lifestyle buyers often dream about. It does not have to be a “show place” but it should appear clean and comfortable and smell fresh and free of any odours. First impressions count and will contribute to the number of prospects wishing to view your property and will result in the final price achieved. Experience shows that vendors who make the extra effort in presentation usually achieve a quicker sale. As an added service, at no extra cost, we would be pleased to inspect your property and advise you on correct property presentation to maximise the sale price.

 The Outside

  • Look at your home as if you were a buyer. First impressions are lasting impressions.
  • Remove any junk mail from your letterbox.
  • Have all minor repairs done. Sticking doors and windows, loose door knobs, faulty plumbing, peeling paint etc. may affect your sale. Make sure all gates open easily.
  • Arrange outdoor furniture so that it looks inviting.
  • Tidy flower pots and have plants looking healthy and watered. Trim shrubs, mow lawns, weed flowerbeds, sweep leaves etc.
  • Put instant colour into your garden by planting annuals.
  • Clean out the gutters, wash windows, doors and awnings.
  • Spread gravel on unsealed driveways and lay pine bark on unsightly surfaces.
  • Sweep (pressure clean if necessary) driveways and patios. Remove any washing from the clothes line.
  • If you have a pool, make sure it is sparkling clean.
  • If you have a dog, take it for a walk during inspections.

 The Inside

  • Healthy indoor plants in various rooms or freshly cut flowers can be an added attraction.
  • Oil squeaking doors, ensure the front doorbell works and all doormats are clean and in position.
  • Repair dripping taps, fix loose or broken tiles and ensure all tiles, showers, hand basins and baths are clean and free of mould.
  • Open all curtains and blinds to allow as much light in as possible. This will make your rooms appear more spacious.
  • De-clutter and remove any unwanted furniture.
  • Spring clean your house internally including inside all kitchen cupboards and built in robes in the bedrooms.
  • Ensure the kitchen sink and kitchen bench tops are free of unwashed dishes.
  • Touch up paintwork, walls should be free of marks, blue tack, etc.
  • Vacuum carpets throughout and steam clean if necessary.
  • Remove kitty litter trays and any cat or dog food bowls.
  • Present your bedrooms with your best bed covers and place cushions or soft toys on the childrens beds.
  • Lock valuables and personal items away.
  • Arrange a fruit bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen bench.
  • Internally your house should be gleaming and should smell clean and look inviting.


  • Turn on some classical music, open the blinds and curtains, turn on lights or lamps and leave the house during open for inspection times.
  • Be prepared to allow your agent to show prospective purchasers through your home at all reasonable times.


Fees can be discussed at the time of signing the authority. You will be surprised at how little the right service and advice can cost.

Vendors Statement (section 32 certificate)

Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act requires the vendor to provide a statement about the financial, legal and planning details of the property, before a contract of sale or contract note is signed. The vendor and purchaser must sign the section 32 before the contract is signed. It is recommended that you arrange for your solicitor to prepare the section 32 prior to commencing the marketing.

Market Trends 

Our extensive research into current and future market trends is enhanced by our utilisation of the comprehensive resources at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) who are known for their research.

The REIV data is also forwarded to the Reserve Bank, the ABS, the Commonwealth Department of Treasury and most major banks who rely on the information for their publications and reports.

By analysing recent sales results, median house price surveys, market patterns and independent economic advice we are able to formulate effective sales and marketing strategies personally tailored to suit each individual property.